Usually by UPS.

Yes. You only need to adjust four bolts. You can follow the instructions here

Yes. Please ask for a quote mentioning the proper number.

  • I need a replacement part for one of JOTAG’s dollies. How can I get it?

We have every part of the dollies for sale LINK. Keep in mind that if you own a dolly from 2008 to 2014 the design has had few changes. In that case, please email us to jotag@jotagsa.com for more information.

  • Do dollies have plastic joints?

No, bow support and joints are made of aluminum electrostacally coated with black polyester powder.

  • How dollies are packed?

They are packed in hard carton boxes. 

  • What is the diameter of the axles? Hub length?

One inch.OD and 3 or 4 inches for regular or beach wheels respectively.



They are made of hard anodized aluminum alloy with proper hardness

They are packed into a hard carton tubes.

No, despite ours are exactly the same as officials, they have to be used for practice or club races.



Yes, but if you have a JOTAG dolly up to 2014 you will have to enlarge the axles following a tutorial we provide.

They can support up to 300 lbs each.

  • Can I change the regular wheels for the beach ones to be used in sand surface?

Yes. They are much better in sand. Also if you have a dolly under 2014 you must enlarge the axle following the tutorial we provide.



  • Where will I receive my order?

All JOTAG dollies, wheels and lower spar masts are shipped from our warehouse in Miami to the address you specify at checkout.

If you bought an oversize item (Upper Mast, Full Rig Lower Mast, Boom or Opti Spar Set) you can pick them up from the UPS Access Point closest to your address. This is the way to avoid expensive residential fees charged by UPS freight service. You must provide your telephone number in order to arrange pick up.

  • Can I pick up the products directly from warehouse?

Yes. Our warehouse is located in 7200 NW 84 th Ave MEDLEY FL 33166.

Please contact us to jotag@jotagsa.com to let you know when you can pick it up showing your ID.

  • Do you send them immediately? Transit time?

Yes, next business day. Usually 3 or 4 business days depending on distance from Miami.

  • How do you send it to Puerto Rico, Mexico and Caribbean islands?

Usually by ocean using ECUWORLDWIDE (former ECONOCARIBE)

  • Do you send to Hawaii and Guam islands?

Yes, usually by UPS domestic fare. Please ask for a quote.



  • What is the best way to get ahold of a customer service representative?

Our email is jotag@jotagsa.com this is the quickest way to get a response from our customer service team.